Beaver Island Wildlife Club

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The BIWC is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to preserve all fish and wildlife throughout the Beaver Island Archipelago.

The Beaver Island Wildlife Club has been actively working to preserve the fish and wildlife of the Beaver Island Archipelago for more than 70 years!

ice fishing tournamentCurrent projects involve working in partnership with the DNRE to encourage private landowners to create food plots for both deer and turkey, and utilizing deer surveys and deer harvest checks to manage deer.  We also hold the annual Hunter’s Dinner (proceeds go to the Harold Lounsberry Scholarship Fund) and Rifle raffle.  We have created an excellent Walleye fishery in Lake Genesereth through a stocking program that has been in place for 10 years.  The wild turkeys, which were reintroduced through the Wildlife Club’s efforts, have a viable population which is monitored and maintained by club members.

Recent cooperative efforts with the USDA Wildlife Division has resulted in a reduction of Double Crested Cormorants and the resurgence of small mouth bass populations. We have also recently received grant funding through the RGS and from the state to clear cut on state land, improving habitat for many different kinds of wildlife. During the winter 0f 2014 over 27 acres were cut.  Many of our programs are ongoing and have continued over the years.  We implemented Antler Point Restrictions several years ago that are showing results today. Our record keeping of deer harvest and driving surveys help the DNR and the Wildlife Club make decisions about management of the deer population on the island.

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