Big Buck Contest


Big Buck Contest 2019

This contest was open to all who took does in the first three days of season and there was no entry fee.

Bob Turner won the Big Buck Contest in 2019 with a buck scoring 101-7/8 beating out several other nice bucks taken by: Mark LaFreniere (96-7/8), Brian Kubesh (99-2/8 and 96-4/8).

Diane Luscombe won the Doe Contest and received a $100 gift card to Cabela's.

The winnings are from a 50/50 split of entries and totaled $305.
Raffle winners were:
Mike Dunn- 30.06 rifle and scope
Bill Sullivan- .22 rifle
Paul Welke- Shotgun
Jared Pike- 1/2 fishing charter with Indigo Guides and a second prize of turkey hunting calls and honey
Tom Bliss- 1/2 day fishing charter with Kelly Day Charters
Julie Katz- Binoculars
Mark Holobaugh- GPS
Eric Hodgson- Range Finder
Mark LaFreniere- Engraved knife from Baron Industries
Owen Phillips- Field dressing kit
Duane Bidwell- a basket of items from the Pike camp + cash from the Swearingen camp
Leroy Schwandt- a basket of items from the Dowling Camp + cash from the Swearingen camp
Doug Heynis- head lamps

The last information we have is from the 2019 contest.